First Few Days Home

We are doing well here!  We came home Thursday afternoon when Samuel was 24 hours old.  That night my parents brought my kids home from my sisters house & got to have baby snuggles.

Friday friends stopped by to bring us lunch & a visit.  We stayed in the rest of the day and took it easy. 

The kids absolutely love Sam and they haven't seemed jealous at all.  They love on him, hold him, & check on him.  It's so sweet and seems to be a seamless transition.  This is first thing Friday morning.

All of us managed a nap that afternoon which always helps! 

 Grace thinks holding him is bliss.

Saturday we stayed in again and my aunts stopped by after we all got up from
a nap.  They brought him a sweet outfit and diapers/wipes.

Then the Screpfs brought dinner by.  Meals are such a blessing after a baby!

Job went to church Sunday morning while the kids and I stayed in.  I'm trying really hard to take it easy and relax. The older kids have been so sweet & wanted to wear their Big Bro/Big Sis shirts again.

Then we went out for a quick drive to get out of the house & when we got back a friend had pizza sent over for dinner.

We are blessed and thankful with this sweet new baby and all the friends who have brought meals by!


Baby #3 is Here!!!! (Part 2)

Once it was time to push things went fast.  I'd say in 10-15 minutes 
Samuel Baker Dalomba
was born!!
We got to do skin-to-skin for awhile before the nurse got him warmed up & swaddled.

Big boy weighed 8-15 after he peed on me & was 22.5 inches long!

Job & I had a good bit of alone time with him before visitors arrived.  He nursed perfect too.

Then big bro & sis came in.  They loved him.  Reid hated me wearing a hospital gown so I ditched it & he was much happier.

SIX cousins!

We are so thankful for the blessing of a beautiful third baby!
He had lots of visitors & sweet friends brought dinner.

He finally got a very late bath and was perfect all night.  Proud daddy this morning!


We are filled with joy & hope to head home soon!

Baby #3 is Here!!!! (Part 1)

My due date was Tuesday & no baby so for the first time we went forward with an induction.  It was nice to settle the kids at my sisters house the night before & do a few last minute things but it was hard to think about much else once I knew the exact date/time it would all begin.

After our kids were settled it was late & bedtime but we were too excited so why not one last classy date before baby?!

A waffle & drink from Waffle House!  We chatted there til late then headed home to finish up.  I think we both ended up with a 2ish hour nap before heading to hospital dark out & early!
We waited for a room for 2 hours which almost put me in a bad mood. :)
Once our room was ready things started moving quick.  Our nurse was wonderful.
The nurse left & Job couldn't come back yet so I took one last belly picture.  40w,1d.

Ready to do this!!

I was 3cm upon arrival & moved a little slow at first but then picked up speed by lunch.  I finally got a nap after the epidural that really helped as did Job.  We watched some Friends on dvd & I stared hungrily at the hospital survival kit my sister had filled with delicious goodies for post delivery.  

The goodie bag also had owl socks & a few other goodies.  That popcorn is my new favorite!

After my nap I touched up my hair and make-up (important things right).  I was trying to pass some time when my doctor stopped by to check me and it was time to push!!!

Part 2 coming!


Week Recap

I'm still pregnant!  I'm due in 2 days & I'm beyond ready!!!

Sunday after church & naps we went to a swim party.

Monday I worked my last shift for a long time. :)  

Tuesday I cleaned & packed the kids bags and got some other random things done around here.  That afternoon I put the kids down for naps and Job's mom sat here while we went for pedicures!  It was Job's first ever & my first since before we were married.  It was fantastic & long overdue.  That night we had our monthly women/mens fellowship time.

Wednesday we were gone all day running errands, a doctors appointment, & then a late lunch at Olive Garden.

Thursday we were at home all day playing & cleaning. 

Friday I took the kids to open gym.  We needed to get out of the house & run off some energy. I jumped on the trampoline with Reid in hopes of speeding this baby along. No.such.luck.

Then we went to Goodwill. Reid picked out a catchers helmet for $1.

I ended up with 3 books, lunch box, 3 shoes, & 5 articles of clothing for about $10.

Saturday Reid & I went to yard sales just the two of us.  Unfortunately not much luck but I did get this $80 umbrella stroller for $10.  I also got the magna doodle, 3 books, & Converse for $3.50.

After donuts, Job & Reid went to the zoo pretty much all day in the blazing heat. Grace & I opted for air conditioning and stayed home and did a few projects.

And last night I wrapped Grace in a towel after her bath and this was her face.  Saddest monster ever...

This week better include a baby!