Saturday Steals

I'm behind on posting but here are some yard sale & Goodwill trips from lately.  I love Goodwill during this time of year especially when yard sales aren't as abundant.  Also for $0.99 for kids clothes its the perfect price!  However yard sales are my favorite with negotiable prices!!

6 shirts, 1 dress, 4 outfits, 1 skirt, 4 pj sets, 3 swimsuits, 2 pants, 3 shoes=$22

I made $26 from selling in the past couple weeks.  So all this for no $ out of pocket plus I still have $4 leftover!!


Yard Sale:


Week Recap

Sunday we went to church, had lunch, naps, & stayed in.  We played outside & used the firepit that night.

Monday I got caught up from the weekend & we had a makeup soccer game.

Tuesday we were at home til afternoon.  Sam & I ran to Aldi while the big kids napped.  We then went to play outside at my sisters house.  We went to McAlisters for dinner. (Kids eat free night)

Wednesday was my birthday.  I went to brunch that my Bible study was having.  Reid found a dog to play with.

Reid also said he & Sam were twins.

Then home to do a few things while the kids napped.  Job & I (plus Sam) tried Hog & Hominy for my birthday dinner.  I wasn't a fan at all but Muddy's after was delicious.  My MIL stayed here with the kids.

Thursday I cleaned & cooked.  We had 10 dinner guests & had a great time chatting after dinner.

Friday Job was off work & we enjoyed a relaxing day. We cooked every meal & enjoyed being here.
This chunky baby is just the sweetest thing.

Saturday I went to yard sales for less than an hour.  I almost skipped bc of Reid's early game but soooo glad I didn't.  I found Toy Story toys, books, and a few other things.  I hid some away for Christmas.

For Sam 6 shoes, 3 custom ties, 3 boutique reusable swim diapers, & about 12 articles of clothing!  For everything I paid $10.50.  The shoes alone would retail for around $200. 

Next was Reid's last soccer game & awards.  He got his first trophy.  It made me a little emotional to the think how far the team has come, friends we've made, & what a positive experience him playing was.

It was my turn to bring snacks so I made soccer men. ��

We then went to Evelyn's first birthday party & then to the Rileys for dinner.


Week Recap

Sunday we went to church & watched a little football before naps.  Grace lounged in a cardboard box!

Then we went to the last little bit of a fall fest.  Grace swang with shoes on the wrong feet while Reid fed farm animals.

We came home and helped Job get packed for his Nashville trip.  He went with a couple other pastors to a conference.

He left early Monday morning.  We stayed around the house and played outside.  I also potty trained Grace and made dinner for a friend!  She was SO easy to potty train & she gave up her paci a couple weeks ago without a single tear.  First thing she had 2 accidents then no more for the rest of the day.  We dropped dinner off then went to both Goodwills.  I found a couple things I dropped off at my sisters and also found this cute bag, sandles, & boutique outfit all for $1 each.

Tuesday I got lots of cleaning and done and stayed home during the day for Grace to get more practice.  I didn't even really have to remind her and she even came to me from outside playing to potty.  That evening we walked around Target & Home Goods.  Grace was accident free all day!  Reid and Grace were playing in the garage and I went to check on them. Grace is butt naked and they are both dare devils.

Job drove in during the night a day early because he was ready to see us! :)  We were very happy to see him too.

Wednesday I cooked breakfast and we all 5 hung out and ran a few errands before nap time.  After naps we took the kids to a fall fest before coming home and watching the Duggar wedding!  Grace was accident free again. :)

Thursday we played and did some chores, had lunch outside, then the kids napped.  When they got up I took them over to play at my sister's house with all the kids in the cove.  And because I didn't want to be up/down taking Grace to the potty we brought our own!

I made dinner before we left & Job stuck it in the oven for me.  We went home and ate then the 5 of us made a super quick Aldi trip.  Grace had no accidents all day.

Friday we played & I read the kids all of our fall and Halloween books.  I think it got them excited about trick or treating.  Job encouraged me to go do something solo (& with my Sam) while the big kids napped.  I got a Sonic drink, walked around a few stores, stopped by where I used to work, & went to Goodwill. Then I headed home to get my superhero crew ready.  We all headed over to my sisters to eat & trick-or-treat.  My mom came as well.  We had the best time and after we got tired of walking & being cold so all 11 of us piled in my van and got more candy.  We came home & all 3 kids passed out without a peep!  Grace was accident free again!

Today Reid's soccer game was canceled so we decided to stay in and have a relaxing day.  We played, had baths, & ordered pizza.

Grace ended the week with no accidents.  I'm SO proud of my sweet girl!!!


Sam is 2 Months!

My sweet boy you are 2 months!  You are a joy.  You still love to sleep a lot but are moving towards the every 3 hour-eat, wake, cycle.  You normally go to bed around 8:30 and sleep til sometime between 3:30 & 5:30am, nurse and right back to sleep.  You love ceiling fans, taking a bath, & a fresh diaper.  When we are out of the house you are normally in the Ergo and you can't stay awake in it.  You aren't a super big fan of your paci yet.  You hate dirty diapers too.  You nurse every 3 hours during the day, you wear 3-6 month clothes, weigh about 12.5 pounds, & wear a size 1 diaper.  You are just so sweet and I'm so thankful for another little boy.


Fall Saturday Fun

Saturday was a full fun day.  
I went to a quick morning of yard sales.  I had great luck for Sam.  I spent $18 for 13 items of clothing, most were Ralph Lauren Polo.  I got Grace a brand new dvd for $0.25, it will be a stocking stuffer.

Next, Reid had a soccer game then there was a fall festival.

The kids played on the bounce & got to ride a horse.

When we left there we took the kids home to eat & change into their costumes and we went to a huge fall festival at a nearby church.  I asked Reid what he wanted to be this year and he said a red superhero.  My friend was selling a brand new Superman costume and I borrowed Sam's Batman one.  It even had a tiny cape. :)  I made Grace's with about $5 worth of supplies.  I think they all 3 look pretty adorable!!

After we brought the kids home for a much needed nap & bath.  Then we ended the evening at my parents with a joint birthday dinner for my sister & I.


Pumpkin Patch

Today we had planned our annual trip to the pumpkin patch & on a perfect day since my friend gave me tickets last night.

First we stopped for a yummy Coleman's breakfast.

Then to the farm for the pig races.

Sam loves this carrier.  He slept all day.

Next up a quick train ride.

Then off to feed the animals which is always Reid's favorite part.

And a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.  We also ran in to a pastor friend of Job's and his family so it was nice to take break and chat with them over a cold bottled coke!

And a look back-this was 2011.


2013 (Job couldn't make it because of work.)

We are rapidly adding kids in these pics! I can't wait to see it in a few more years. :)

Week Recap

I'm posting a little early this week because we have a busy weekend & I'm gonna post that separate.

Sunday we went to church, took naps, & stayed in the rest of the day.

I had 2 sweet babies fall asleep on me that night.

And Sam snuggled in bed.  My babies love to be swaddled.

Monday I worked on Grace's Halloween costume & switching Reid's winter clothes out.

Tuesday we played then while the big kids napped Sam & I went to Aldi & Kroger.  Reid had soccer practice that night.

Wednesday I had my post-partum check up, Bible study, & flu shot.  That night Sam & I went to my ladies book study.  Reid, Grace, & Job ordered pizza, played baseball, and watched Sleeping Beauty.

Thursday Hillary & Bo spent most the day with us & our new bed got delivered!!!  Sweet Sam on the couch.

When Job got home I had supper ready then we ran to Target for new sheets. 

We are off for a day of fall family fun!