Sam is Three Weeks!

Sam you are already 3 weeks old. You are still so sweet.  You nurse every 3 hours during the day and get up 1-2x at night.  You love being held & swaddled.  You also love your Wubanub & you like getting a bath. Reid and Grace adore you and hate if you cry.  You are so gassy & fill up diapers fast and both make you mad!  You are a joy, sweet boy.

You are wearing Reid's outfit that aunt Brooke bought. :)


Week Recap

Now that we've recovered from the stomach bug we have been somewhat busy.  This time of year always seems to pick up pace to me and doesn't slow down til after the holidays.

We took the kids to my sister's church to play on water slides and Thomas the Train was there!

We left just in time before a storm rolled in.  

Last Monday we took the kids for well checkups then out for a late lunch.  That evening we went to a going away party.

Tuesday Reid had soccer practice. It was hot so Grace, Sam, & I had to find some shade.  

Wednesday we went to Bible study, home for naps, and then Angelyn brought us dinner and stayed to eat with us.  Reid loves his class at Bible study and has done great learning his verse.

Thursday we stayed home and tried to get some cleaning done.  The Riley's brought dinner that night & stayed to eat with us. Sam also got his first bath.

Snuggled in clean pjs with fluffy hair after his bath.

Friday we went to play time then to Goodwill.

We got to Goodwill then Sam was hungry.  So the four of us go to a dressing room so I can nurse him.  Grace then poops then Reid says he needs to poop so off we go to the bathroom and Sam is in the Ergo while I'm trying to change Grace.  We get poop on her shirt & end up topless for the rest of our shopping!

That night we went out for dinner before going to bed early.

Saturday I went out for about 30 minutes by myself since my sister is out of town.  I didn't find much.

That afternoon we strolled to a neighborhood cookout.
Yesterday was Sam's first Sunday at church. He was perfect & I was even early for church getting all of us ready!  Job leaves early on Sundays mornings so I'm on my own.  Last night we played outside & went for a stroll.

Today I need to do a lot around here but baby snuggles are more fun!  :)


Newborn & Family Pics

Our friend Katie is so talented and took new pics of us a few days ago.  I love them so much!  I don't know how I will pick ones to frame. :)

Sam is Two Weeks!

Sam you are 2 weeks old already!  These two weeks certainly went faster than the last two weeks of pregnancy.  You've been a sweet dream baby.  You eat great, love to sleep, & pretty much only cry when you are gassy and for dirty diapers.  You are content to lay and look around.  You get up twice a night to eat but you've given me two nights were you were only up once.
You went for your well check up Monday and weighed 9 pounds, 3 ounces. 
I'm finally feeling better so you've had several firsts like yard sales, family pics, Bible study, soccer practice, and have met lots of new friends.
You are a sweet joy little boy!


Stomach Bug!

We are wrapping up this Friday night finally feeling some better.  I got hit with the stomach virus Wednesday night and I'm finally perking up.  It hit Job around lunch time yesterday.  Whew!  Three kids and one being only a week old isn't ideal but they were all such troopers I couldn't have asked for anything better.  My sweet dad also left all kinds of groceries on my porch Thursday morning that he thought may help.  Then that evening Tracey from church brought more things that you can normally tolerate during a virus.

Poor Reid fell and hurt his chin during all of this too. :(
He brought me a tea party to bed & told me that he would take care of me.  He is such a sweet boy.

Sassy pants

And my sweet, sweet baby who is loving his Wubanub that finally came in the mail.

I just layed in bed and they ran wild between our room and their room playing and watching a movie. Reid even went down and got them lunch and made them a picnic in my bathroom floor.  This is called survival mode!!  Sam did nothing but eat and sleep.  I don't think he cried once.  I am thankful for 3 sweet babies and that I'm finally starting to feel like myself again!
And if you could only have seen the mess that was made!! Let's just say there wasn't salsa on my bath towel, Oreos on my nightstand, dirty diapers on the floor, or clean laundry dumped everywhere.  


Sam is One Week!

Sam you are one week old.  You have been an absolute delight.  You love to be held, swaddled, & your paci.
You hate to have a dirty diaper & just as bad hate to have your diaper changed.

You nurse about every 3 hours and wake twice during the night to eat.  You normally eat and are right back to sleep until time to nurse again.

Reid and Grace adore you.  I already can't imagine life without you.  You are a delight and treasure to our family!

One week old & one week post partum.  It's amazing how much better I feel already!


First Few Days Home

We are doing well here!  We came home Thursday afternoon when Samuel was 24 hours old.  That night my parents brought my kids home from my sisters house & got to have baby snuggles.

Friday friends stopped by to bring us lunch & a visit.  We stayed in the rest of the day and took it easy. 

The kids absolutely love Sam and they haven't seemed jealous at all.  They love on him, hold him, & check on him.  It's so sweet and seems to be a seamless transition.  This is first thing Friday morning.

All of us managed a nap that afternoon which always helps! 

 Grace thinks holding him is bliss.

Saturday we stayed in again and my aunts stopped by after we all got up from
a nap.  They brought him a sweet outfit and diapers/wipes.

Then the Screpfs brought dinner by.  Meals are such a blessing after a baby!

Job went to church Sunday morning while the kids and I stayed in.  I'm trying really hard to take it easy and relax. The older kids have been so sweet & wanted to wear their Big Bro/Big Sis shirts again.

Then we went out for a quick drive to get out of the house & when we got back a friend had pizza sent over for dinner.

We are blessed and thankful with this sweet new baby and all the friends who have brought meals by!