Week Recap

I have done a bad job taking pics this week!

Sunday we went to church.

Monday we were at home.  I'm still working hard on cleaning out, organizing, & doing some redecorating.  I'm working on little tweaks all over but mainly working on Sam's nursery & our room.  I hung this in the 1/2 bath to hold bathroom essentials.  I LOVE chalk markers for stuff like this.

Tuesday we spent the day at home.  When Job got off work we had dinner at Jason's Deli, I spent a gift card I got for Christmas, and we went to Target.

Wednesday we went to Bible study then we went to my sisters and had lunch.  My mom was in town visiting so we enjoyed getting to see her too.  Then I went home and cooked dinner for 3 couples & their families that came for dinner.

Thursday we were at home playing, cleaning, & cooking. 

Friday we were headed to Open Gym and Grace got sick in the car.  We were almost there so we just turned around and headed home.  We instead played outside and had lunch in the nice weather. Job finished work early so while the babies napped I took Reid out for some one on one time.  He wanted frozen yogurt, an animal from Michaels, and Starburst to take home.  We had so much fun!

Saturday we cleaned out the car, garage, bathed the dog, & played baseball out back.  I did a couple decorating projects.
We enjoyed Job's homemade soup around the firepit for supper.  Then we had baths & early bedtime to prepare for church.


Catch Up!

I need to play catch up (this is for you Anna) but truth is we haven't done many exciting things since Christmas. Here is a recap of what we've been doing. 

-The day after Christmas we always have Mexican for lunch with Job's high school friend Will & his wife.
-We spent NYE with Job's family having bbq & kids running around.

-NYD was spent with the Logans eating, talking, & a little shopping.
-I've been attempting a daily walk.  Sometimes I have a cutie tag along.

-Bible study started back.

-We had a Goodwill & Chickfila play date with Rebekah & her boys.

I removed the old name & turned the backpack into one for Reid.

-Open Gym started back Friday and we ran in Goodwill. $1 each

-We got our bedroom & bathroom painted and I got all white bedding.  I've got to get throw pillows, curtains, & things hung back up.

-We used our new cart while grocery shopping.

-We've had movie & popcorn picnics during rainy weather.

-We've been at home in pjs a lot!  It's cold and rainy around here.

-We have majorly been cleaning out, organizing, donating, & throwing away. Job loves to clean out with me.  It's always a nice fresh start to the year.  I have been moving decor around.  I'm out to work on our room!


Sam is 4 Months

Sam you are already 4 months.  You are the happiest baby. You smile constantly.  You are on a wonderful three hour schedule.  You go to bed about 8/8:30 and get up to nurse once around 4 then back asleep until 7:30.  You wear 3-6/6 month clothes & a size 2 diaper.  You weigh around 17 pounds.  You love to chew & hold your blankets, swaddles, bath time, & people talking to you.  You aren't a fan of your paci, the car stopping, or being held to fall asleep.  You are just the sweetest & we 4 love you so much.


Christmas Day

Today we went to Job's family for lunch.  They have the exact menu every year that his grandmother used to make.  The kids all draw names with one another & the adults don't exchange gifts.
Reid got a baseball outfit.  I can't wait to put it all on him.  Grace got the broom set (so cute) & Sam a little toy.

We took some family pics outside.  This is Job & his first cousins.  They all grew up on this land together.  I love to hear about all the stuff they did growing up here.  Job & I also lived here our first two years of marriage.

Everyone together!  We have grown since I joined them for Christmas 12 years ago!!

Job's mom with us.

We left late afternoon.  The kids finished napping when we got home.  We then let them open their presents from us & snacked on leftovers.

Grace got a doll & shopping cart.  Reid got a Buzz & a few animals.  Sam got a Monkey Mat & water mat.  They each got a movie & lots of books.

We were blessed with such a fun Christmas season!  Christmas is so fun with kids.  And my house looks like a tornado went through it!


Christmas Eve

This morning we let the kids have their stockings.  They got things like candy, undies, toothbrushes, some small toys, & some things I'd saved from Goodwill.  They also got a huge potato head toy to share.

Sam missed the fun napping.  I made breakfast casserole & cinnamon rolls for brunch.  After naps we went to my parents house. 

Reid got Toy Story stuff & baseball bases.

Sam's loot.  I'm glad my chunky boy got some clothes.  And his backpack is just precious.

Grace got the adorable baby carriage, dress, doll, & DocMcStuffins dvd.

We had a fun day & I just love Christmas with kids!


Christmas Eve Eve

Today we went to my MIL's house for brunch and presents.  We enjoyed sitting around and chatting and letting the kids play with their new things.  Reid's favorite thing is her puppies, of course.  Sam snoozed the entire time we were there.

Grace with her "Doc McSnowman" doll.

I always try to remember to take pics of the kids Christmas gifts.  My mom did this & I like looking back to know what they were in to. 

And together they got lots of books & an Ikea easel.

When we got home I had a few last minute gifts to monogram, wrap, & food to prep.  Friends from church brought us yummy treats by & we watched Reid's new Lassie movie.


Sunday Before Christmas

Today we had church but instead of our regular lunch we had donuts and coffee before service.

We took the kids home for lunch & down for naps.  I went to Goodwill & took Angelyn with me because they were having another 50% off sale! I paid $3.50 for these things. (Converse, Kellys Kids, etc.)

Then we headed to our annual extended family Christmas.  Santa made an appearance this year!  He passed out a present to each kid & made it really fun for them. 

All of the grandkids except Addison (she isn't a fan of costumed characters).

We then ate & the adults played Dirty Santa.  We headed home with sleeping babies and made a Sonic drink stop.  :)