Week Recap

Sunday we went to church & had lunch.

We strolled down for yogurt that evening.

Monday we were home most of the morning, we spent the afternoon at Brooke's walking & playing outside and out for free ice ice cream after supper at Dairy Queen.

Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day & we visited Ava's school.  Reid got to go in his age class & participate with the other kids.  He even gave an impromptu presentation because all the other kids did.  I couldn't believe it!  Reid doesn't like to be put on the spot and talk in front of people.  He picked up his cup walked up front and told the class about it.  He also told them he like to wrestle with his daddy wearing his little tights!!!!  We had lunch there & played outside on the playground.

After naps we spent 3 hours at Brookes walking and playing outside then off to Reid's first soccer practice.  We picked up Lennys on the way home and after a quick bath were all ready for bed!

Wednesday we went to bible study then Hillary came over had lunch and we had a long chat until dinner time.  We left and had dinner at the Riley's house.

Thursday we met Rebekah at Goodwill then back to her house for the kids to play and had lunch.  My kids were so tired.  Job had a pastoral visit so I made the kids dinner to enjoy on the patio.  I bathed them & put them down.  Job brought us home a late dinner.

Friday Job was off except for an early meeting.  We dropped him off and went to Goodwill then picked him up and took the kids to open gym.  We were home the rest of the day.

Saturday Brooke & I went to garage sales.  We started out the season right!  My loot was $10.  All the clothes, shoes, & hat will be for Sam.  5 books & walkie talkies the big kids are enjoying now.

Job took a class at Home Depot to learn about tiling floors.  

The kids & I walked around Target and back to Home Depot while he finished up.  I even got to practice cutting & grouting.  (The Toy Story visor was bought with the rest of my stuff shown above & he has worn it since.)

After we got a drink and came home for lunch.  Job took Reid out for some guy time & came back with a fish that Reid named Strikeout.  I cleaned up & made pies for church.  Then we got baths, picked out church clothes, & packed bags to prepare for worship.


Saturday Steals

Here are some recents finds:

My neighbor had a garage sale.  I got 6 DVDs, 2 books, & swim trunks for $0.50 each.  The remote control car was $5 which I really didn't want to pay but Reid was excited about it.  However it's selling on Amazon for $120!

I went back to her sale the next day and paid $0.25 for all this.

I paid $14 for these 7 boutique items from a Goodwill I don't get to shop at very often but I always find such nice things!

Fleece pants & boutique tshirt $1 each

Soccer cleats for this season $3, 3 shirts for Reid for this upcoming winter $1 each, RL shirt for Job-it was $10 but he really needed some summer shirts & it's in perfect condition.

Zutano pants, book, and Ralph Lauren down pillow.  $2.50 for all at the 1/2 price Goodwill.

My bedroom is very neutral and I'm not finished decorating it yet but I'm trying this new pillow in here for now. :)

I've had good luck lately & I'm so ready for yard sales!


Going Private

My blog will be changing to private.  I can still approve you as a reader if you still want to follow along.  

Please email me at BrittanyDalomba at hotmail dot com or text me if you have my number or you can leave a comment here with your email address.

I have loved blogging for all these years and plan to keep going!


Week Recap

Monday we were home.  I made Sam some carrots.  He was not a fan!  Reid got to feed him and thought it was so fun.  Reid is obsessed with Sam.  I prayed Reid would have a brother to be one of his best friends and The Lord graciously gave him one.

Tuesday we were home again.  We tried carrots with Sam-again he thought they were dumb, ha!

Wednesday Job's mom joined us for the day.  We went to Brother Juniper's for breakfast then to the zoo. 

We enjoyed it so much because the weather has been cold, icy, or rainy sooo much. We got some take out on the way home.
That night I watched Fixer Upper and had popcorn In bed after my kiddos were asleep.  It was fabulous.

Thursday Austin brought her boys over to play.  We went to my neighbors yard sale, took a walk, & had lunch.  After naps I took the kids out for another walk and Reid got to test out his car we bought at the sale.

That night Job's family all can for dinner.  Sam & Harper are so sweet!

Friday the kids & I ran to Aldi then I did some cooking & cleaning. Chris (Job & he coach soccer together) & his family came for dinner. Our boys had the best time playing.

Saturday after I cooked breakfast we did some house work & playing in the mud.  

We ran a few errands including Goodwill before going to Job's aunts house for grilling steaks.


5 Projects

My friend Sarah posted about working on 5 projects each week so with more days of ice & snow stuck indoors I decided to do some updates.  I used to always say how my sister changes things around all the time but after thinking about it we may be running a close race, ha!

Project 1: Kitchen chandelier 

This was a freebie from the house I grew up in.  I first painted it red but no longer decorate with that color so....

I painted it white.  I'm behind but just started watching Fixer Upper.  I told Reid I was pretending to be Joanna when he asked me why I was painting everything white.

I love it over my new farm table!

Project 2:  Living Room Table

This was my grandmothers.  It started originally all wood then I did the underside a blue.  I was tired of it so white it was!

Project 3: Kids Table & Chairs

I bought the table at Goodwill & the chairs my mom had.  They all came to me as is.  A yucky off white & weird green.  I went with all white, distressed them, and a coat of clear wax.

Project 4: Master Bedroom Cabinet

This piece was given to me and I tried to paint it green as an accent piece.  I never liked it so big surprise...I painted it white.

Project 5:  Our Bedroom Fan

This was an easy one but for some reason this is the only light I haven't repainted or replaced.  It's probably because the ceilings are so high.  I decided to just update the globes.

Much better!

It was nice to get some things done during the yucky weather because when spring hits we will be outside if you need us!


Week Recap

We have been at home so much lately!  Some days I feel like I'm running out of kid activities so Monday we pulled out all the dress up stuff.  This was always a favorite activity of mine growing up and my big kids love it too.  They even were dressing up Sam.  Look at the bottom right pic.  Have you ever seen such a pitiful little face??

That afternoon I went out solo & got some new clothes.
I also tried out the Ergo wearing Sam on my back.  He & I both really like it and have used it this way several times since.

Reid is my BIG helper.  Sam doesn't want for anything.  If he whimpers Reid is on it.  He holds him and plays with him and Sam loves it.  If I'm in the middle of something when Sam wakes Reid gets him out of his bed and play with him until I can come upstairs.

Tuesday we were home until Job finished working then we all ran lots of errands.  We also had dinner out.

Wednesday we were home again.  Reid stands at this table every single day multiple times and plays with his animals.  His imagination is incredible.  He generally has a hat on these days as well.

Reid wanted me to make a cake after dinner & I can always count on helpers.

Thursday we were snowed in at home & Job ordered us pizza for lunch.  

We just recently started working on Reid writing his name.  Pure sweetness.

Friday we did a huge grocery trip and were home the rest of the time. After supper we let the kids make cookies and frosting then decorate them.  They got to have a cookie picnic and watch a show before bed.

Saturday I cleaned and baked for church and my mom's party.
I stayed home with the boys while Grace & Job went out for a bit.  She picked Chickfila for "food."  Job said she sat in his lap and ate then he took her for a little manicure. :)

We took the kids to the park to feed the geese, for a Sonic drink, and a run through the car wash.

My family came for dinner that night and we celebrated my mom's birthday.