Words From Reid

"Reid, are you cleaning up?"
"I'm just licking my arm."

"Reid, let's wipe your face off.  There is food on it."
"I'll just get it with my tongue."

"Dear Jesus help Gracie sleep night and go outside and eat a Popsicle. Amen"

"I have to eat grass and weeds like a reindeer."

"Mom I was lying there!  I have to lay there like a koala."

Reid-"mom what you doing?"
"I'm reading my bible."
"What's the bible say?"
"Want me to read it to you?"
"No thank you, I'm watching clifford."

"Dear Jesus,
Help Grace to feel better. Help her not to be scared of fireworks or Muffin or frogs or Mooses.  Help me not to be scared and mommy and daddy not be scared.  Because I love you so much. Amen."


Week Recap

Sunday we had church & lunch after with everyone.  Then all 5 of us took a long nap.  We were invited to Phillip & Janes for dinner.  They have such a beautiful home.  This is how I got ready Sunday morning & had a happy baby.  And no I didn't leave him & walk away.

Monday I cleaned & did some fall decorating. 
That evening I hosted ladies group for our new book study.  I had a really good time & was so glad everyone could come.

Tuesday we were home again until soccer practice.  Job had a meeting after so we got CFA on the way home.  I also got our new family pics in my huge frames.

Wednesday we went to Bible study. It was brunch day which was fun.  Here are the 4 oldest cousins before class.

Thursday I was trying to get lots of housework done but Reid got a fever and Sam had a tummy ache so the kids and I all snuggled on the couch and watched Up.

Friday was Job's day off and Reid was back to normal.  We all 5 did a big grocery trip.  That evening we went out for Mexican food and Goodwill shopping.

Saturday Reid had an early soccer game.  My parents & Job's mom came to watch.  His team won & Reid scored 2 goals!

Grace has been watching the boys sit on their balls during practice huddle. :)

And she wants to be right in the middle of it all.

We ran by Sams on the way home.  While the big kids slept Job snuck a quick cat nap with Sam then we prepped for the neighborhood cookout we are hosting.

That wraps up a busy week!

Sam is 4 Weeks Old

Sam you are now 4 weeks old.  You have fit right in & just go with the flow with us.  You nurse every 3 hours during the day.  You are pretty much just getting up once at night to eat then you are right back asleep.  Your newborn diapers are getting snug.  You wear 0-3 month clothes.  Reid & Grace just love you to pieces.  You like to be swaddled, your wubanub, & being held.  We love you so much!

Oh the life!

Lying in my lap during dinner.


Week Recap

This week we've been at home most days & had guests at night.
The Fergusons brought dinner Monday night & Tuesday after soccer practice we had a members meeting here.  We had a blast and stayed up til 12:30a talking.  Wednesday the kids & I went to Bible study, napped, then Austin dropped dinner by.  Then we caught up on the new Duggar season.  I looked up to see Reid holding Grace on his lap. ;)

Thursday night the Baileys brought dinner & we had a great time talking.  We decided {because we are crazy apparently} to go grocery shopping when they left.  We came home about 11pm.  Friday I took the kids to open gym & Goodwill.
Saturday was Reid's first soccer game!  He looked adorable & even scored a goal.

We then took the kids to a festival so they could play on bounces & feed farm animals. 

We headed home to bathe the kids & got them down for naps.  Then our electricity went out so we had a whirlwind afternoon of packing up all our food only to have the power come back on 10 minutes later.  Job's mom came to watch the kids while we went to my 10 year high school reunion.  It was lots of fun but we were tired the next day since it didn't start til 8pm.

Lauren's parents spoiled Sam for me.  I think other than feeding him I didn't get to hold him all night, ha.


Sam is Three Weeks!

Sam you are already 3 weeks old. You are still so sweet.  You nurse every 3 hours during the day and get up 1-2x at night.  You love being held & swaddled.  You also love your Wubanub & you like getting a bath. Reid and Grace adore you and hate if you cry.  You are so gassy & fill up diapers fast and both make you mad!  You are a joy, sweet boy.

You are wearing Reid's outfit that aunt Brooke bought. :)


Week Recap

Now that we've recovered from the stomach bug we have been somewhat busy.  This time of year always seems to pick up pace to me and doesn't slow down til after the holidays.

We took the kids to my sister's church to play on water slides and Thomas the Train was there!

We left just in time before a storm rolled in.  

Last Monday we took the kids for well checkups then out for a late lunch.  Reid was 3'6" and 39 pounds.  Grace was 2'9" and 25 pounds.  That evening we went to a going away party.

Tuesday Reid had soccer practice. It was hot so Grace, Sam, & I had to find some shade.  

Wednesday we went to Bible study, home for naps, and then Angelyn brought us dinner and stayed to eat with us.  Reid loves his class at Bible study and has done great learning his verse.

Thursday we stayed home and tried to get some cleaning done.  The Riley's brought dinner that night & stayed to eat with us. Sam also got his first bath.

Snuggled in clean pjs with fluffy hair after his bath.

Friday we went to play time then to Goodwill.

We got to Goodwill then Sam was hungry.  So the four of us go to a dressing room so I can nurse him.  Grace then poops then Reid says he needs to poop so off we go to the bathroom and Sam is in the Ergo while I'm trying to change Grace.  We get poop on her shirt & end up topless for the rest of our shopping!

That night we went out for dinner before going to bed early.

Saturday I went out for about 30 minutes by myself since my sister is out of town.  I didn't find much.

That afternoon we strolled to a neighborhood cookout.
Yesterday was Sam's first Sunday at church. He was perfect & I was even early for church getting all of us ready!  Job leaves early on Sundays mornings so I'm on my own.  Last night we played outside & went for a stroll.

Today I need to do a lot around here but baby snuggles are more fun!  :)


Newborn & Family Pics

Our friend Katie is so talented and took new pics of us a few days ago.  I love them so much!  I don't know how I will pick ones to frame. :)