Week Recap

Sunday we went to church & had our weekly lunch after service.
Monday Job had 2 meetings near my parents house so he dropped us off and we spent the afternoon there.  My mom made us lunch, pie, and my dad made fudge. :)
Tuesday we were at home. Poor third babies, ha.

Sweet blue eyes.

Wednesday we went to Bible study, I ran in Aldi, & Hillary and Bo spent the afternoon with us.  We had lunch and coffee and our usual wonderful chat.  My mother in law then came by and brought the kids Valentine's Day treats & took us to dinner.

And Sam thinks sitting in the highchair is so fantastic!

Thursday Job had a long day out the house.  The kids and I played blocks, tea party, and read their new books.  

I picked up Subway after Job got home.  Then his new custom bookshelves for his office were finally delivered.  After the kids were asleep we got his office back in order.
Friday Job was off.  We went to open gym, had lunch out, & made a Target run.
Saturday we gave the kids their Valentine happies & picked up donuts.

I made a cake for church, we cleaned some, & then went to Layton's 3rd birthday party.  

After we picked up wings and Hillary and Hunter came to hang out with us.  We love getting to chat with them!


Week Recap

Another Monday and I still felt bad so I did a lot of lying around with my sweet kiddos.  This stomach bug was the worst!  23 days from start to finally finished if anyone is counting.....

I think these 2 will be best friends.  Reid just loves him so much and loves to help take care of him.  He loves to pick him up and carry him around.

Wednesday after 3 weeks we finally go to go back to Bible study.  Grace looked so sweet in her heart smocked dress that I paid a whole quarter for!

My sweet 3 little loves.

After naps we all went for much needed haircuts and an Aldi trip.

Thursday we were home and Friday all 3 kids had check ups and shots then we let them pick where they wanted for lunch.  Their request was "cheese dip!"

Saturday we did a bunch of around the house projects and we all went to Lowe's for pots for our baby trees we planted.

And here are some Goodies from Goodwill trips over the past few weeks.  New Baby Alive food, 2 pairs of ruffle pants, smocked dress, pjs, sandals, sweater, 2 shirts, & Memphis Tigers jacket.  $1 each


Week Recap x2

Sassy dressed up for church Sunday.

Monday the stomach bug hit Job, Reid, & Grace.

I did some work on Sam's nursery.  I sold the alphabet wall & his dresser.  I hung new things over the crib and am looking for something new for his clothes.  I had the "S", the rustic frame was thrifted for $5, antlers were given to me (I just spruced them up), & added a newborn pic to a Target frame.

I can't resist sleeping baby pictures.

Friday everyone seemed fine so we had dinner out. :)

Finally we were fully better (so we thought) and had a fun visit from my friend Sarah & her kiddos for a long weekend.  She took this adorable pic of roasting hot dogs Saturday night.

Sunday they went to church with us then after naps we went to Goodwill and out for ice cream.  It was also D's 4th birthday that day so we celebrated with cinnamon roll "cake" for breakfast complete with a pink candle.  Monday we enjoyed playing and a stroll down to the toy store.  Also round 2 of the stomach bug started with Grace late that afternoon.  They had to head home after we had pancakes Tuesday morning.

We also strolled down for yogurt Tuesday when Job had a long work day and I thought Grace was better.  Ummm... Mistake!

Thursday we painted pictures for daddy's office and that night the stomach bug hit Job-again!

Job and I both felt terrible all day Friday (Grace was finally perked up) but we felt fine Saturday morning and went to brunch with Job's family.  We didn't make it long before Job was feeling bad again and it hit me that afternoon!  Longest stomach bug ever.......


Sam is 5 Months!

Sam you are 5 months!  You are such a sweet, chunky baby.  You are 17 pounds, 4 ounces and 29.5 inches.  You have your first tooth & much sooner than your siblings.  You nurse every 3 hours during the day and still up once a night sometimes twice.  You nap 3x per day at least.  You can sit up pretty well.  You eventually topple over.  You can roll belly to back.  You wear 6-9 month clothes and a size 2 diaper.  Everything goes to your mouth, you love your swaddle blankets, & watching Reid and Grace play.  They adore you and love to entertain you and make sure you stay happy.  We always say that we think you smile more than our other 2 kids did.  I love your big, drooly smile!  I adore you big boy!


Week Recap

I have done a bad job taking pics this week!

Sunday we went to church.

Monday we were at home.  I'm still working hard on cleaning out, organizing, & doing some redecorating.  I'm working on little tweaks all over but mainly working on Sam's nursery & our room.  I hung this in the 1/2 bath to hold bathroom essentials.  I LOVE chalk markers for stuff like this.

Tuesday we spent the day at home.  When Job got off work we had dinner at Jason's Deli, I spent a gift card I got for Christmas, and we went to Target.

Wednesday we went to Bible study then we went to my sisters and had lunch.  My mom was in town visiting so we enjoyed getting to see her too.  Then I went home and cooked dinner for 3 couples & their families that came for dinner.

Thursday we were at home playing, cleaning, & cooking. 

Friday we were headed to Open Gym and Grace got sick in the car.  We were almost there so we just turned around and headed home.  We instead played outside and had lunch in the nice weather. Job finished work early so while the babies napped I took Reid out for some one on one time.  He wanted frozen yogurt, an animal from Michaels, and Starburst to take home.  We had so much fun!

Saturday we cleaned out the car, garage, bathed the dog, & played baseball out back.  I did a couple decorating projects.
We enjoyed Job's homemade soup around the firepit for supper.  Then we had baths & early bedtime to prepare for church.


Catch Up!

I need to play catch up (this is for you Anna) but truth is we haven't done many exciting things since Christmas. Here is a recap of what we've been doing. 

-The day after Christmas we always have Mexican for lunch with Job's high school friend Will & his wife.
-We spent NYE with Job's family having bbq & kids running around.

-NYD was spent with the Logans eating, talking, & a little shopping.
-I've been attempting a daily walk.  Sometimes I have a cutie tag along.

-Bible study started back.

-We had a Goodwill & Chickfila play date with Rebekah & her boys.

I removed the old name & turned the backpack into one for Reid.

-Open Gym started back Friday and we ran in Goodwill. $1 each

-We got our bedroom & bathroom painted and I got all white bedding.  I've got to get throw pillows, curtains, & things hung back up.

-We used our new cart while grocery shopping.

-We've had movie & popcorn picnics during rainy weather.

-We've been at home in pjs a lot!  It's cold and rainy around here.

-We have majorly been cleaning out, organizing, donating, & throwing away. Job loves to clean out with me.  It's always a nice fresh start to the year.  I have been moving decor around.  I'm out to work on our room!