Week Recap

Monday I cleaned up from the weekend, played a daily game of baseball with Reid, & organized some upstairs.
That evening we had dinner with the May's.  We had dinner under the patio while the kids played in the lovely weather.  

I'm loving Grace's little haircut & her new love of baby dolls.

Tuesday I worked a shift.  I'm trying to wrap up my orientation hours before I have the baby.
Wednesday we were at home most of the day until small group that night.
Thursday the kids went with me to my 35 week check-up.

Then we met Rebekah & her kids for swimming and a poolside picnic.

After dinner we made a trip to the library because Job had a book on hold.  The kids picked out a few too.  We stopped for free tea & cookies at McAlisters on our way home.

Friday we were at home all day because Job had the car.  I got the house clean for the weekend & did a lot of playing with baseball, trains, & puzzles.  The kids played at the church while Job & men set up for Sunday.

Today I went to yard sales.  
Grace's loot-

I added up retail prices for her stuff and it came to $350.  Yikes!  I paid $24.

Reid & Job's loot-

I paid $9.75 total.  The bat alone is $35 online.  I made $41 selling this week so I still profited $7.25 over what I spent. :)

Then we headed over to Brooke's & tried out the water slide someone gave her.  The kids had a blast.  The adults were HOT! Job ordered us pizza and now we are home for nap & quiet time!


35 Weeks, Round 3

How Far Along: 35 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +5 pounds 
Maternity Clothes: Yes.  I really just want to wear gym shorts & a tshirt.  It's hot!
Best Moment this week: We had such a fun Saturday together.
Gender: Job & I both think boy.  Reid says girl.
Movement: All the time!!  I truly wonder if this baby sleeps.
Food Craving: Nothing
Food Aversions: Nothing sounds horrible, nothing ever sounds good.  Blah.
What I miss: No hip pain.
Sleep:  Not great.  My hips hurt all the time and my bathrooms trips have increased during the night.  
What I am looking forward to:  Having this baby!  A few more little things to do then I'm really ready.  I need to wrap their big bro/sis gifts and pack a baby bag sometime soon.


Reid & Grace's Room

I'm finally posting the kids room.  We painted it back in November and I've slowly been finishing it.  I really love the way it turned out.

This is our room over the garage so they have lots of space.  I used some frames I had to frame a pic of each of them over their beds.  I made fabric banner from my fabric stash and twine.  The bedding I ordered from target.com and I monogrammed the shams.

The desk, bench, & lamp in between the beds cost me $7 total from yard sales.  I gave the desk a fresh coat of white homemade chalk paint.  Both bed frames cost me $8 total from yard sales and I spray painted them black.
I found the white curtain panels at Dirt Cheap for $5/panel.

Reid's side. :)

Grace's side. :)

They love this kitchen area.  The little table was $7 at Goodwill and I found the chairs at my moms house.  The chalkboard, frames, basket, and play kitchen were all bought from yard sales totaling about $12. I added some printables from Pinterest to the frames.

Their dresser that was in Reid's nursery. The shelf is an old swing from Job's elementary school.  The other accessories I pulled from around the house with the exception of the bird bank that I got from Home Goods.

They also have a reading area.  My aunt got them the bean bags for Christmas.  The shelf my grandad built probably 30 years ago or more.  I used frames I had to frame quotes from some of Job's favorite authors.  They have a great book collection & I love to read to them.  Every book is a yard sale, Goodwill find, or a gift.  It's hard to pass up great, cheap kids books.


Week Recap

Monday the kids and I went to Target for my MIL a bday present and a few other things.  

We made her a cake when we got home & I painted a table that was my grandmothers with homemade chalk paint.

Job's family all came that night for pizza to celebrate her birthday.

Tuesday some moms and kids came over while the kids played outside.  
Wednesday my parents came over and brought lunch and we sat outside and played with the kids. The weather has been just unbelievable.  That night we had small group & again spent a lot of time outside talking while the kids played.

Thursday I worked a shift until 3 and then  we had to return a car to my parents then took Hillary & Hunter dinner and got to meet 2 day old baby Bo!

Friday we were mainly at home during the day.  Then after supper Job wanted to know if we wanted to get out of the house and go to all 3 Goodwills.  Ummm yes! Always!!

Today we've been to yard sales, tried Taco Felix for breakfast {soooo yum!}, and went to the farmers market.

After naps we came for haircuts and now I'm letting the kids play at church while the men set up for tomorrow! 

We meet at a preschool so this playground is perfect!

My recent finds are:
A Rock n' Play & Snap n' Go-I paid $22 for both.  Both of these things I wanted to try for the new baby but didn't want to spend much in case I didn't like them.

I also got Grace a dress, Reid 6 shirts, and 2 shorts for $4 total.

This Saturday has been perfect!


34 Weeks, Round 3

How Far Along: 34 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +4/5 pounds 
Maternity Clothes: Yes & I just try to be comfty.  I don't really want to have to buy anything else.
Best Moment this week: The weather has been too good to be true this week! We've been outside a lot!
Gender: I still think boy.  I'm getting mixed guesses from everyone.
Movement: All the time!!  I truly wonder if this baby sleeps.
Food Craving: Nothing
Food Aversions: Nothing sounds horrible, nothing ever sounds good.  Blah.
What I miss: No hip pain.
Sleep:  Not great.  My hips hurt and get stuff easily and my bathrooms trips have increased.
What I am looking forward to:  Having this baby!  My to-do list is almost complete & I'm feeling very prepared.


Week Recap

This week has been another great but busy one.
Monday I worked a shift then we went to test drive a car.  Job had to head straight to a meeting after.
Tuesday my sister spent a good part of the day helping me decorate my living room & move things around.
Wednesday Brooke sent a cleaning lady to my house for a pre-baby gift!  What a wonderful idea & blessing!!  I did some extra cleaning things that I don't normally get to.  FThat night Job had a meeting so the kids & I strolled to get yogurt.

Thursday we had a family day.  I had a quick OB appt, then a fabulous breakfast at Bryant's, then to a noon Redbirds game.  Other than the heat it was very fun.

Friday my living room got repainted & we got a new {to us} car!  Our pre-baby to-do list is growing smaller & smaller!

Saturday morning we did a very quick morning of yard sales.  Reid LOVES puzzles so I was happy to find 6 of them & 2 books for $3.50.  I also got Job 2 dress shirts & the new baby an appliqued onesie for $7 total.

Brooke & her girls joined us for breakfast then the kids & I did a Kroger run while Job finished his work he got behind on dealing with our new car.  I napped with the kids and then we all went to Goodwill to end our evening.

This morning when I checked on Reid he was in Job's office & told me he was working on his sermon. :)

We are home from a great morning at church with lots of visitors.  We stayed forever talking after & now are enjoying a lazy afternoon.


Busy, Busy

Whew I'm behind on blogging!  One big reason I've been busy is I left my old job that I've had for over 7 years.  I've only worked there about 3x a month since I had Reid but I will really miss the friends from there.  I got a job at a new place with less holiday, weekend, & overall requirements.  I only have to work 2 shifts a month if I want.  It has definitely been busy doing everything for a new job plus a boring orientation that stretched over 6 days!  I worked once there so far & I really believe we made the best choice for our family.  However, no matter what change is hard. :/

We've also been to McKenzie's Frozen birthday party, had a church cook-out, Reid had strep throat which kept us in a few days, I cooked dinner and took to 2 friends, and helped Hillary finish her nursery.

We've also celebrated Fourth of July and sold our car!
Friday we went to 2 cook-outs one at the Logan's house and one at the Riley's house and walked over to the firework show.

Reid with his buddy Jack.

Grace FULL of sass.

We also had a visitor in our house!  Reid thought it was great, I did not!!

My kids got to share a brownie while we served at the homeless shelter.  Reid did a great job helping set the tables for the men.

And I had sweet helpers while baking a cake for church.

We've been to church today & all just woke up from naps.  Now on to a few things on my to-do list!


21 Months

Grace you are 21 months old!
You still wear 18m/24m clothes, size 4 shoes, and a size 5 diaper.  You sleep 11-12 hours at night and take about a 3 hour nap every afternoon.
You still love your blanket and paci but also have gotten into playing with dolls.  Your favorite is Stella.  It's probably because she has a magnetic paci.
You eat absolutely anything & anytime something is offered.  You have quite the dramatic personality as well.  You love to play with Reid, read books, play with the kitchen, and to be outside.  You love to get dressed then go show daddy what you are wearing.  You get mad, mad if I don't put a bow in your hair.  You still fall asleep in the car constantly.  You say so many new words every week.
You are such a sweet little girl and we love having your spark in our home little one!


Swimming, Movie, & Big Brother

Sunday we went to church, had lunch, then home for naps.  We stayed around here that night.

This is Grace before church: she was eating breakfast in her high chair 2 seconds earlier.  She is fast & fearless.

Then I told Reid to go brush their teeth before church.  This girl is something else!

Monday I had a quick morning class at work then I was home for lunch. We played & napped then went to the Bailey's house for small group & swimming.  Grace decided to have her corn poolside.

Tuesday we took the kids to the $2 movie to see Kung Fu Panda.

cleaned & did some projects after.  During nap I read The Nesting Place & it was so good!  Ladies/kids from our church came over that night while the men met.

Wednesday I had a productive day of cleaning, sewing, playing games with the kids, & working on letters with Reid.  I enjoyed a day at home with these cuties.

We got take-out & watched Big Brother to end our evening.  Anyone else love Big Brother??