Play Date, Eggs, Date, & Baseball

Monday we spent the day at home.  That evening everyone from church took their leftovers from baby dedication over to the Strouds & shared dinner then chatted while the kids played.

Tuesday Rebekah came over with the boys and we had a great time eating, chatting, & playing.

Wednesday afternoon Job's mom watched our kids while we had a date.  We ate at Flight which was absolutely fantastic and different.  Then we went to a conference where John Piper was speaking.  Only Job would pick that for his birthday date, ha!

After Reid's nap we had to line up & name ALL his dogs.  Trust me when I say I was struggling for names by the end.

Thursday I had a class at work that lasted until lunchtime.  We stayed in that evening.

Friday we stayed outside allll day except for naps.  We had our meals out there.  Job was off & we had the best day.  We grilled last night & by bath time last night the kids were filthy and happy as can be. It was also ELEVEN years since we went on our first date!

We did a quick morning of yard sales again.  Things for Grace:

For Reid, me, & new baby:

19 items for $15.  I found a dollhouse curbside this week & sold it for $15 yesterday so I broke even & spent NO money today out of pocket!! :)

This morning after yard sales we took the kids to 2 Easter egg hunts then home for a nap before heading to a baseball game!

We had dinner downtown with 2 other couples from church before heading to the game.  The weather was perfect, we had wonderful seats, & the kids especially Reid loved the game!

We are headed to bed and excited to celebrate Christ's resurrection tomorrow & Job's birthday!!


21 Weeks

How Far Along: 21 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: -10
Maternity Clothes: Yes.  A mix of reg & maternity.
Best Moment this week: We had a fun date for Job's birthday Wednesday.
Gender: We will see when this sweet baby is born! My vote again is boy.
Movement: Yes, this baby moves a ton & some strong kicks already.
Food Craving: Nothing new but love water & milk.
Food Aversions: I usually don't want chips or fries.
What I miss: I feel really well & I'm enjoying this time before I'm huge & MS summer heat hits.
Sleep: Sleeping pretty well at night but lots of random dreams that feel very life like.
What I am looking forward to: Vacation in 2 weeks!
Belly Button: In.


Work, CFA, Rio2, & Dedication

This week I did 2 out of 3 of my shifts for the month.  I did one Wednesday and one Friday.  I didn't get to eat supper at work so Job requested a late night Taco Bell run and he, Reid, & I had a picnic in our room when I got home.  :)

Thursday was a day of errands.  Goodwill, grocery shopping, pharmacy, gas, post office, eye doctor. Not very fun but I'm glad I got it knocked out.  
Goodwill wasn't great but Reid is in love with his new dog pjs we found.

That evening we were invited to the release party for the CFA grilled chicken sandwich.  Reid was SO excited the cow was there.

He made Job & Grace take a pic too.

After we went to the park and played til dark.

Friday I did my other shift while Job took the kids out for a fun day.  They went to Petco, Dollar Tree to pick out a treat, Sonic for drinks, & ordered pizza for supper.  They have the best time with him.

Saturday Brooke & I had a quick morning of yard sales.  I found a deep freezer for $30.  I was thrilled because we've really been wanting one.  The man was so nice to deliver it to me. 

I also found a few other things that I've hidden for their Easter basket.  I paid $5 for it all.

While the kids napped Job & I assembly line cooked for church. 

Job's birthday is coming up and all he has wanted to do was to take the kids to see Rio2.  We went after they woke up and it was so cute just like the first one.

Sunday was Grace's baby dedication along with 4 other little ones from our church.  We had SO many visitors and a feast after.  It was a wonderful day but we were tired after and all crashed when we got home.
I remembered last minute to get a pic after Reid had removed his shirt and they'd been playing outside.

That makes for the end of a pretty full weekend!


Week+ Recap

I'm a little behind on posting.  
This past week all the ladies & kids from church came over.  We all usually contribute a few things and enjoy a meal together and keep the kids entertained.

We ran to pick up some pics from Walgreens (one mile away) and in true Grace fashion she can't stay awake!

We had some nice weather so we played outside all day Wednesday.  We painted, had music playing, & pulled out all the outside toys.  

I had my anatomy ultrasound Thursday morning.  Everything looked great and I'm so thankful.  A healthy baby is a blessing. 

After our appoitment Job got his phone fixed and we went out for a delicious lunch.

Friday morning I had a quick work meeting & stayed to help until lunch time.
After lunch & naps we went to the Logan's to grill out.

Saturday morning Brooke and I had the best luck at garage sales.
For Grace: 5 dresses, romper, 3 shirts, 4 pjs, 7 shoes for $16.

For Reid: 2 jackets, 2 shorts, 2 shoes, 2 Buzz Lightyears (I bought one then found a more exciting one at the very next sale) $3.50

Then we went to Camden's adorable monster party.  Reid really enjoys birthday parties.

Angelyn who goes to our church made the cakes!  They were adorable and are delicious which is a hard combo to find.

That evening we served at the homeless shelter and Job preached.  We had dinner out when it was over with everyone.

Sunday we had church & lunch.  Reid was grumpy since he was up at 5:30am playing with his new Buzz in his room!

That night they snuggled in our bed to play with the iPad.

Yesterday I cleaned the upstairs & then everyone from church came over for dinner.  And Grace fell asleep in the bathroom floor after lunch.  She loves to sleep! 

Today we've played and been kinda lazy.  Grace just fell asleep in my lap so I guess it's nap time!!


18 Months

Grace you are a year & a half!  You are a sweet girl and your spunky, diva personality keeps us on our toes.  You are a climber all.day.long.  You love to eat anything offered.  You wear a size 5 diaper overnight (cloth generally during the day), 18m clothes, size 4 shoe, & have 9 teeth with 3 working their way in.  You still love your blanket & paci, pushing toys around, rocking in the chair, playing with Reid, being held, taking a bath, brushing your teeth and sleeping.  You LOVE to sleep.  You can not stay awake in the car, you sleep 12 hours a night, and take at least a 2 hour nap.  There is never a fuss about nap or bedtime.  
You've started talking so much in the past month.  You now consistently say: no no, hey, mama, daddy, bye, blanket, dog, shoe, toes, bow, please, uh oh, hot, ball, nose, cheers, and cheese whenever your pic is taken.
We are going on vacation in about a month and I think y'all will have a great time together since you are mobile this year.
We look forward to a fun summer with you and love you so so much!


19 Weeks

How Far Along: 19 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: -12 when I weighed Sunday 
Maternity Clothes: Yes.  Still wearing regular things as well.
Best Moment this week: Hopefully it will be Thursday & we will see a perfect, healthy baby on ultrasound.
Gender: We will see when this sweet baby is born! My vote again is boy.
Movement: I started feeling movement a week ago!  Yay!!
Food Craving: Nothing new
Food Aversions:  Not a big fan of sweets now.
What I miss: I can't really complain as long as I get a few naps in!
Sleep: Sleeping well at night.
What I am looking forward to: Vacation in a month!!
Belly Button: In.


Kites, Wedding, & Church

Saturday was a fun day of celebrating.  First, we went to Max's kite party for his 3rd birthday.  Rain kept us inside so the kids had an indoor picnic.

Reid tested out his kite and thought it was the best fun. (He loves his new dog shirts I made him.)

After naps we went to Nate & Emily's beautiful wedding!  All Reid wanted was cake and was so thrilled when he finally got some!!  Grace wore her new $1 smocked dress I scored earlier in the week at Goodwill.

Today we've been to church, had lunch with everyone, and now Job & I are watching Lost while the kiddos nap.


At Home, Birthday Lunch, & Thrifting

Oh this week, let's see...  It hasn't been very exciting.  I started having the same old {every pregnancy} sciatica which left me not wanting to do much outside the house.  Job has been gone most of every day to conferences so it's just been me & my 2 little favorites around here.

I love to look up and see them cuddling.

We have played, cleaned, colored, mastered puzzles (Reid's favorite thing lately), played more, & watched movies!
I also got some sewing done for Grace.

Then I finished organizing all of the kids crafty stuff.  We got these bags with candy in them for trunk or treat last fall.  They were perfect {& free} for organizing everything. Now Reid can easily pick which bag he'd like to use.

Today we finally left the house to take my aunt out for her birthday.  My sister and her kiddos came too.

Then my aunt being so sweet and generous gave us some fun money.  Reid wanted to go to Goodwill.  We found some cute girl clothes for $1 each.  I wish boy clothes were so easy to find!

Then Reid picked out some Ring Pops and a puzzle at Dollar Tree.  I let him skip his nap since we got home late.  We are having some quiet time while Grace sleeps & trying to stay awake in this dreary weather. 


Words from Reid

A Few Questions I Asked Reid:
Fav tv show? Clifford 
Fav color? Blue
Fav thing to do with dad? Run & play
Fav thing to do with mom? Cook
Fav animal? Jewel
Fav toy? Shadow (plastic dog)
Fav drink? Chocolate milk
Fav food? Spaghetti & grapes
Best friend? Grace 

And a few quotes-
"I hear a noise.  Maybe it's a fox!"
"Oh I hear a tiger, maybe it's a tiger and a fox!"

"Grace you need to stop having a bad attitude!"

"This oatmeal is not very tasty."

After I cleaned Reid's face with a wipe, he ran to the mirror.  "Oh mom my face looks good!"

"I need a scratch back."
(Back scratch)

"I think my leg is kinda broken."

"I don't want to go bowling.  I want to stay home & take care of dad."

"I want to go to Goodwill & look for a toy."

"Mom will you always take care of me?"

"Look mom I'm up! I woke up this night."

As Reid is running through the house-"mom, check out my cool legs."


17/18 Weeks

How Far Along: 17/18weeks-I took my pic right between the 2 weeks so I'm doing a joint post!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: -10
Maternity Clothes: Yes.  Still wearing regular things as well.
Best Moment this week: We had a great time at the zoo & I've enjoyed getting little things done off my list!
Gender: We will see when this sweet baby is born! My vote again is boy.
Movement: A few times I've thought so but nothing for sure.  I figure any time now since I'm 18 weeks tomorrow.
Food Craving: Orange juice 
Food Aversions:  Nothing really anymore. 
What I miss: I can't really complain as long as I get a few naps in!
Sleep: Sleeping well at night.
What I am looking forward to: Our anatomy ultrasound is coming up and I'm praying we see a healthy baby.
Belly Button: In.