Week Recap

Sunday I had to miss church because I was sick.

Monday Job had a meeting near a mall that we never go to anymore so we all tagged along.  We dropped him off and I took the kids to the Disney store, to ride the carosuel, have lunch in the food court at CFA, & got to pick out a cookie. 

Reid took a pic of me & Sam.

Reid saw Santa and asked to take a pic with him.  It made me laugh because he had been telling me he was NOT gonna sit on Santa's lap.  He told Santa the same thing he tells everyone.  I'd like Toy Story stuff for Christmas and animals. Then said, "Santa what you been doing?" Hahaha

(I've been asked a lot lately about do we "do" Santa.  A very quick & easy response would be that we don't make a big issue out of Santa.  We treat him like other mythical, fun characters that are on tv or sometimes out in public wearing costumes.  Clifford, the Chickfila cow, Cinderella.  He thinks it's fun and knows it's pretend.  We have Santa books & watch movies that have Santa in them.  We do not try to convince him that he is real just like we don't tell him Mickey is real.  But by all means if Mickey walks by at the mall or we go to Disney World or Santa in this case let the picture snapping with characters begin.)

We ate dinner then took the kids to a Christmas parade.  The kids thought it was fantastic!

Tuesday we were at home.  I got this toy from the attic for Sam.  He's still a little wobbly but enjoys sitting up.

He enjoys napping in my bed too. :)

And this girl can not stay awake!  I was working on bible study & she passed out on my arm.

Wednesday we went to Bible study.  The kids had a pizza party with a movie in their class and the ladies had brunch together.  The kids napped when we got home.  I cooked supper then ran out solo to Aldi for groceries.

Thursday we invited Ava & Addison over to play while my sister had a few things to do.  Then that afternoon my mom, sister, & I baked Christmas goodies.  We had a great time & laughed all evening.

Friday I took the kids to open gym then there was a little Christmas party after for all the kids.  We did a craft & had snacks.

The kids & I ran in Goodwill & Dollar Tree for boxes to pack up all our treats we baked.

Saturday we all ran a zillion errands & went to a family Christmas party.


Week Recap

Sunday we went to church, had lunch, & the kids napped.  We then went to Jeremiah's 3rd birthday party.

Monday we stayed home (I think) and I ran to Aldi while all 3 kids napped.

Tuesday I cleaned & cooked. The Mays came for dinner that night.

Wednesday I went to Bible study.  Look at these sweet babies that are already getting so big.

The kids did a little handbell show for everyone and Job got to come watch.  It was adorable.

took an hour nap when the kids did because I didn't feel well.  I woke up and finally figured out my symptoms-shingles. :(  I had them about 7 years ago as well.
The kids asked to watch a movie after nap.  Reid looks grown.

Thursday I was home except to go get my FitBit.  I used Kohl's cash and had to pay $0 for it!  I started meds for my shingles but still felt pretty rough.

Friday we were at home all day.  I made sugar cookie dough & we let the kids make cookies that night. 

Saturday we had to skip Henry's birthday party.  I stayed home with the little ones and Job took Reid out for a movie.  That evening we took the kids to a live nativity.  By this point I needed to get out & this was outside so it was perfect.  We took a family pic with the Logans.  They might as well be family & I couldn't be more thankful for them.

And my little daredevil I caught climbing when we got home.


Week Recap + Thanksgiving

Sunday we had church then Job had a meeting.  I got Zaxbys for me & the kids. They then took a nap.  After dinner that night we took the kids in their pjs to get ice cream from Kroger.

Monday we took the kids to the toy store by our house for them to look around.  It's the neatest little store and has so many cool toys.

We ran a couple of other errands before coming home.  The Logans came for dinner that night.  We "feasted" (as Job called it) and talked til late.

Tuesday we picked up Job's computer from the Apple Store.  Our church blessed him with a new one.  We took the kids to the park and Sam swang for the first time, to Chickfila for lunch, and then bowling per Reid's request.

Reid loved bowling!  It's right across from our neighborhood so I'm thinking we will be going often.

Wednesday while Job met a friend for lunch who came into town I cooked my Thanksgiving food, bathed kids, cleaned, & did laundry.  Job decided he wanted to make plum pies because he had never had one.  So he did the full thing from scratch & they were so yummy.

Thursday our first stop was Job's moms house.  We had a yummy lunch with all of Job's family.  Reid's favorite part was the new puppies.  Those are real puppies in the pic!

We took them home & all 3 kids took naps.  Then we headed down to my parents house for supper. 

 We took a pic of the grandkids for my parents Christmas card.  They are all so sweet together.  

Reid also requested a pic with PopPop.

Then my sister and mom talked me into shopping.  We put the kids to bed and they picked me up about 11 and we shopped til 2.  I got some great deals & was glad I went!  I ended up buying the most.  I was super impressed with Kohls deals.

Friday morning I went to a Black Friday sale at a toy boutique by our house.  Everyone was still snoozing when I got back.  We cooked breakfast and relaxed.  I took a glorious 2+ hour long nap.  We had leftovers for supper and never changed out of pjs.

Today Job took us for donuts, we've played outside, had leftovers for lunch, and are back home watching the Egg Bowl and plan to stay put until church tomorrow.  


Week Recap

Sunday we went to church then straight to Reid's end of season soccer party.  It was at an indoor bounce place.  We had never been there before and they had a great time.  One of the moms brought adorable & delicious cupcakes for the boys too.

Monday we were at home until Sam & I went to my ladies meeting.  We finished discussing Women of the Word book.  It was really good.  I really enjoyed this time with the ladies over the last 3 months.

Tuesday the kids & I went to Ava's school for her Thanksgiving program.  That night Job had mens meeting.  While he was gone I put the kids in their Christmas pjs & we tried to have the house decorated when he came back.  That didn't quite happen but we had fun trying.  At least the tree was up and on when he got back!

(Matching sibling pjs from a yard sale!)

Wednesday the kids & I went to Bible study.  Then after supper we used a gift card to a new local ice cream place.  It was delightful!! (Area 51 if you are local)

Thursday we spent the day at home.  We finished decorating for Christmas.

Friday the kids & I ran in Goodwill on the way to open gym.  The kids napped when we got home & then the 5 of us did a big Aldi trip.

Saturday I went to a few yard sales then we cleaned up, bathed kiddos, & Job made pies.  We then headed off for a Thanksgiving meal & games at a church who supports our church plant.

After we went to visit the Tallos & meet baby Rosie.


Saturday Steals

I'm behind on posting but here are some yard sale & Goodwill trips from lately.  I love Goodwill during this time of year especially when yard sales aren't as abundant.  Also for $0.99 for kids clothes its the perfect price!  However yard sales are my favorite with negotiable prices!!

6 shirts, 1 dress, 4 outfits, 1 skirt, 4 pj sets, 3 swimsuits, 2 pants, 3 shoes=$22

I made $26 from selling in the past couple weeks.  So all this for no $ out of pocket plus I still have $4 leftover!!


Yard Sale:


Week Recap

Sunday we had church then we were home the rest of the day.  Monday and Tuesday we were mostly around home.

After haircuts Wednesday we let Reid pick where to eat since his birthday was the next day.  Chickfila it was!

The 13th was Reid's 4th birthday! It was way too cold for the zoo unfortunately.  So we started the day with balloons & donuts.  Then he wanted to go to Michael's to pick a toy & Petco.  We also gave him a watch because he had been asking for one.

Then we ate at the restaurant where Job's mom works for supper.

They sang to him & his face was making me die laughing.  He does not like attention like this, ha.

Showing off his new toys.  He picked the "hugest polar bear ever" and a small airplane.

The next morning I took them to open gym then home to play. Grace loved pushing Sam in her doll stroller.

Saturday we were home until the evening & went to the soccer coach's banquet.  

The kids loved playing with A in the leaf pile after dinner.

That night Grace asked to sleep in her twin bed for the first time.  She did great!