Week Recap

Monday I grocery shopped while Job was in staff meeting. He then came home for lunch. Then he worked while we played and did some house work. We had dinner with Hunter & Kelsey that night.
Tuesday I had a bunch of stuff to return to my sister so I ran by her house and hung out for a little but and let Reid and Ava play. I left the kids there for about an hour to get a new pair of scrubs. It was pouring rain. Not long after I left Brooke calls. So I think what did Reid do? She said Ava and Reid were watching a movie and she went to make her bed, she came back after a few minutes and Reid was gone. In those few minutes he had decided to open the front door, remove his pants & underwear & told my sister he wanted to go swimming (bc of the rain). He keeps me on my toes! On the way home I ran over a screw which meant a new tire & lots of money-SO frustrating! We had dinner that night with a bunch of people from church.
Wednesday was a zero fun day from start to finish. I'll spare you all the details but it involved driving 30 minutes one way TWICE for 2 different doctor appointments. My 6wk post partum checkup & to the dentist for a broken tooth which got fixed and is still killing me by the way. We stayed home from church that night.
Thursday I stayed around the house and got housework done. That evening our friends John Allen & Austin brought Dinner over and we chatted several hours while our boys played.
Friday was my first day back to work. I worked 9a-7p. I did great bc I knew they were in great hands with their dad. One minor problem... Grace won't take a bottle. We practiced one day at home. I had some leftover after pumping, poured it in a bottle, she drank an ounce so we thought she will be easy like Reid. However Friday she refused every bottle Job tried, sitting, standing, walking, inside, outside, etc. So that led to several trips to my work and I'd take a 15 min break as well as my lunch break and ran out to the car to nurse her. I'm hoping she will. I tried giving her a bottle yesterday and she became so hysterical I didn't think she'd ever calm down.
Saturday morning we stayed around the house, watched a few DVR'd shows. They all napped. I tried but my tooth was hurting too bad. It's been waking me during the night too. I'm calling the dentist tomorrow! I cooked dinner then we went & bought 3 more Christmas gifts and let Reid play at Chikfila.
We had church this morning, came home had lunch, & both kids just fell asleep!
I have a mountain of laundry to fold & a few things to wrap but I may nap instead!


  1. Toothaches are terrible. Hope it feels better soon.

  2. I hate that you're still having so much pain! :( Love the pics! And love GraciePoo's owl outfit!


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