Five Months

Grace you are 5 months. You are growing so fast. You wear 3-6 mth clothing & a size 2 diaper. You nurse every 3 hours (about 7x a day) & we haven't had any bottle luck so far. I recently moved you out of the nap nanny to pack n' play then to crib for naps and bed and you seem to love it. After you were sick your schedule got messed up so we started making sure you get more naps. (eat, wake, nap, repeat) You were also getting up at night restless but we have you back sleeping great and you get up once in 11 hours. You have started liking your toys (crawl ball & your soft book are your favorites), to chew on anything, & hold a blanky or burp cloth. A pacifier is give or take for you despite my best efforts to make you take one. Bath time is still something you love. You can stay awake in the car about 12 seconds before you pass out. You are still such a mamas baby. Even if someone else holds you, you are constantly straining your head to find me. Reid wants you to play with him so bad. He just loves you to pieces. You are so sweet & smiley and we couldn't love you more.

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