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Since Reid's birthday (the 13th) I have been in a feeling of I'm-so-tired-can't-get-caught-up.  I have worked my 3 shifts for the month, my mom was in hospital, visited grandad in hospital, set up hospice care and moved him in with me, played fruit basket turnover with 3 bedrooms upstairs, repainted 2 of them, got all Thanksgiving shopping done, hosted dinner for our church and the list goes on!

My grandads health has rapidly declined and we felt a strong desire to make him comfortable in our home in his final days. My dining room has been transformed since we have no downstairs bedrooms. It is extra work for sure and confines us to home but we are thankful for this time to love and care for him.  James 1:27

We had already started the upstairs project before he came so we painted this weekend and everything is getting back to normal.
Reid found a dog to play with in CVS while waiting on my grandads meds.

For the second time in 7.5 years of marriage I called a cleaning lady for help. It was a blessing to me to have her clean the downstairs while we worked upstairs.
I've also had sweet friends like Hillary come sit with me, Amelia show up with 5min notice, & Rebekah dropped dinner by.  I've had so many other texts & calls to offer help.  We are thankful for love and support we have received while caring for my grandad.
Next step is to get decorated for Christmas!  I'd like to update some of my decor & we are getting a real tree this year!  Any pointers??

My kiddos have been sweet troopers.  

Reid got ice cream from the freezer & passed spoons out tonight.  He & Angelyn (who is due any day) enjoyed some ice cream together. ;)

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  1. Had no idea about your mom or grandad!!! Praying for you guys!!!


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