Why I Started Cloth Diapering

When I had Reid I'd thought of cloth diapering off and on and even tried for a short time with cheap, cheap diapers from eBay. They were truly horrible and leaked and I tossed them.  I was given about 6 months of diapers from showers for him and he was potty trained by 21 months.  However, according to my calculations from online estimates I still spent over $1,000 on disposable diapers.  Yikes, that's a lot of money!

Then my sweet Grace comes along and we were given a full YEAR of diapers but when those ran out before I knew it in a few weeks time I'd spent over $30.  I talked to my friend Sarah, Rebekah, & Melanie.  They were the only people I know who do it now or have in the past. Sarah was no longer using her stuff and mailed it to me to try!!!  I loved being able to see what it was like without the investment.  After the first few days I fell in a routine and really liked it.  I made the plunge and bought the diapers from Sarah and have been fully cloth diapering for about two months.  The only time we use a disposable is overnight.  I tried several options to keep us dry all night but they didn't work for us.  (Grace sleeps 13+ hours at night.)

What we use:

I use Grovia all in one snap diapers.  They adjust 8-30 pounds so buying multiple sizes isn't needed.  They have snap in inserts.  If just the insert is wet or soiled I change just that part and reuse the colored outer part.
I have 6 covers and 13 inserts.  I wash every other day.  I'd like to order a few more covers and another pack of inserts eventually.

How I wash:
I start with a cold rinse cycle on the biggest load my machine will do.

Then I wash on the largest, longest, hottest cycle my machine will do.

I use homemade detergent on our clothes but it's not recommended for cloth diapers so I use All Free and Clear.  It's on sale often for about $2/bottle. Then I do an extra rinse at the end with a good splash of vinegar (about 1/4cup).

The covers dry fast and the inserts I let dry in the sun.  It saves on electricity and the sun bleaches them and keeps the stains away.
I ordered a medium size PlanetWise wet bag from Amazon.  It has a pouch for dirty diapers and a dry part to hold clean if you are out and about.

It hangs on my ironing board in my laundry room.  I may eventually get a hook or something but this works for me.  This is also 2 steps from the 1/2 bath where I can flush the poop down the toilet before putting it in the bag.

I keep a gallon zip-lock bag in my purse for dirty diapers and just leave this at home.  So far we haven't had a leak or a diaper rash.  Job was skeptical at first but likes them and has transitioned well. :) I started this to save money and 2 months later I'm glad I did and love that I can use these for all sizes and for future babies.

If you have any questions I can try to help!  

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  1. That's really great Brittany! I've heard so much about these, as far as avoiding chemicals and saving money, and wondered how they really worked. Thanks for sharing.


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