I Need One Week to go Slooowwww

Is anyone else thinking Christmas is coming too fast & there is still lots to be done?!  This week is almost over and I've got to get done shopping.  Monday I worked around here mostly and did 2 sewing projects.
Tuesday we went to Rebekah's new house so they boys & Grace could play.  They had so much fun & made adorable ornaments. :)

We drove through a Christmas light show that night after supper.  Reid said, "mom do you see those Christmas trees dancing?"

Wednesday we met Brooke for some shopping.  

The kids always love when they get to see each other!  I also got several presents bought.

I worked a shift at the hospital that evening.

Thursday I made 2 Goodwill stops on the way to help decorate at my mom's house.  This was my text to Job.

We spent the day there decorating, ordered pizza, & had a fun but tiring day. Reid didn't get a nap so he was pooped. We drove home, picked up Job, and went to eat Mexican.  A Kroger trip has to happen ASAP.

Today I'm hoping to {finally} get decorations on my tree, catch up wrapping, and let the kids make cookies.  That is after I have my coffee and Reid feeds Grace breakfast, ha. 

Here goes!

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  1. Debby loves to feed Ramsey too. You all are definitely keeping busy. Wish I was there to kid swap so we could get things done. :)


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