Play Date, Eggs, Date, & Baseball

Monday we spent the day at home.  That evening everyone from church took their leftovers from baby dedication over to the Strouds & shared dinner then chatted while the kids played.

Tuesday Rebekah came over with the boys and we had a great time eating, chatting, & playing.

Wednesday afternoon Job's mom watched our kids while we had a date.  We ate at Flight which was absolutely fantastic and different.  Then we went to a conference where John Piper was speaking.  Only Job would pick that for his birthday date, ha!

After Reid's nap we had to line up & name ALL his dogs.  Trust me when I say I was struggling for names by the end.

Thursday I had a class at work that lasted until lunchtime.  We stayed in that evening.

Friday we stayed outside allll day except for naps.  We had our meals out there.  Job was off & we had the best day.  We grilled last night & by bath time last night the kids were filthy and happy as can be. It was also ELEVEN years since we went on our first date!

We did a quick morning of yard sales again.  Things for Grace:

For Reid, me, & new baby:

19 items for $15.  I found a dollhouse curbside this week & sold it for $15 yesterday so I broke even & spent NO money today out of pocket!! :)

This morning after yard sales we took the kids to 2 Easter egg hunts then home for a nap before heading to a baseball game!

We had dinner downtown with 2 other couples from church before heading to the game.  The weather was perfect, we had wonderful seats, & the kids especially Reid loved the game!

We are headed to bed and excited to celebrate Christ's resurrection tomorrow & Job's birthday!!


  1. What a wonderful sounding week. You find the best deals at Yard Sales, I'm so jealous!
    Hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday & Happy Birthday to Job!

  2. Wow at all the dogs. Where did you go on your first date, the Tobie ???

  3. Our first date was to Windy City Grille with my best friend Lauren & her boyfriend Zach.


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