Vacation Day 1-3

We are on vacation and having a great time except one minor side note.
We left around lunch time Friday after finishing up packing, washing sheets for house sitter, and a last few errands.  As horrible, awful bad timing would have it I started having a toothache Thursday. I didn't think much of it because the tooth has had a lot of work before but then when I couldn't sleep that night my friend Rebekah called in an antibiotic for me.  I started that and some pain meds as we left town.  We drove about 1/2 way and stopped for a late lunch of pizza.  We then started looking for a room and after 2 booked hotels the third time was the charm and we found a place to stay.  Unfortunately in all the stop and go traffic paired with the pain meds that had me nauseated I started throwing up.  Ugh!  We checked in our hotel & grabbed a late supper and went to bed.  I had a rough night of sleep again.
Saturday morning we finished the drive and arrived to the beach a bit after lunch.  We found a neat little place with a playground and home cooking where we let the kids run off energy on the way.

Reid was dying to hit the beach so off we we went!  

We played and played then got dinner at one of our favorite places.  I was hurting so bad during dinner that I couldn't eat.

We headed to Publix after for some groceries.  I had another night of not great sleep but better than Friday.   Dental pain is truly the worst!!
This morning was much better.  We hit the pool first then met Hunter & Hillary for lunch.  They were here for a wedding.  Next we headed to the beach for hours.  Both the kids love playing on the beach and have had so much fun.  

We came back for showers & the kids napped.  We had more pool time, dinner in, and a long stroll before calling it a night.  Everyone say a little prayer that I continue to improve because this is no fun on vacation!

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  1. Bless your heart. I'm sorry to hear your in so much pain. Prayers that you start feeling better.


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