Vacation Day 4

We had a fun day & for most of it I felt well.  We started the day with swimming. Reid has loved the pool.  Grace has warmed up to it & learned to use her PuddleJumper float.  We always laugh at how sleepy Grace is and she proved herself again by falling asleep floating in the pool!

Next we had some lunch in the condo then headed down to the beach.  Apparently Job & I need to use sunscreen better as we are both a little toasty!

We came back for showers & naps.  We then got dressed for a nice dinner.  We attempted a few quick pics before and as usual everyone is looking a different way.

After dinner we had a quick swim then trip to Publix for Aloe.  We stayed up for a bit then all headed to bed.

I'm loving the weather, not having to cook, & all being together everyday!

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  1. Sounds like pure bliss. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!


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